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Digital Conversions - Vermont Video Tape to DVD Conversions

Est: 2006

At Digital Conversions, we're all about creating and storing memories.

We convert:
* VHS and Hi-8 movies to DVDs
* 8mm Films to DVD
* Albums, 45s and cassettes to CDs or MP3s

Whatever your conversion needs are, Digital Conversions is here for you!

We ship anywhere in the United States! if you do not need the original media (VHS tapes, cassettes, etc.) returned to you, at your request we can send only the DVDs or CDs back to you and save on shipping charges. Also, we can upload your digital audio files to our website and you pay NO SHIPPING CHARGES!

Tags: VHS To DVD Conversions, HI8 To DVD Conversions, 8mm Film To DVD Conversions, Vinyl Records, Album Transers, Cassette Tape Conversions, CD Conversion, Convert To MP3, Live Recordings

Categories: Business Services, Audio & Video Services

Find our listing in:
Rhode Island, Delaware, Nevada, Hawaii, Wyoming, North Dakota, Connecticut, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, West Virginia, South Dakota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Maryland


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  May 4th, 2012 by USA Chamber

As designers of websites for public organizations, we often need professional graphics work help. By partnering with Digital Conversions, we've been able to leave the graphic design work in their hands, which allows us to focus our attentions on our core strengths (custom software design) and deliver a far better product than we could on our own.

  Apr 24th, 2012 by Village Resource

We've used Digital Conversions for several of our screen capture how-to videos. We've been very please with both the results and how quickly they get the projects done. We will definately use them again.

  Apr 15th, 2012 by The Hound

Great Job! I've had several old albums and several irreplacable personal recordings on cassettes converted. Now, instead of only listening on antiquated equipment at home, I can listen anywhere!

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